Feel the sound

Fonid is an app for portable devices or wearables (smartphones, smartwatches, etc.) that uses their capabilities to continuously capture audio and generate visual / vibrating notifications when certain sound events are identified. The key to provide always-on operation without compromising all-day battery life is a combination of proprietary audio processing and machine learning algorithms that achieve high accuracy identification with very low computational cost. Such all-day always-on operation would not be feasible by performing the sound identification on a Cloud server due to the power consumption of the audio data transmission itself (comparable to that of an all-day long phone call). In addition, performing the sound identification locally on the device avoids the privacy issues associated with sending continuously recorded audio to the Cloud.


Create an accesible and truly mobile solution for sound awareness when our ears are busy or impaired


Improve the well-being and safety of the hearing impaired as well as their social and labour opportunities


We listen to understand our customers' needs and create technology that covers them in the friendliest possible way


Our core expertise in machine learning and low-power always-on audio processing enables us to deploy our sound identification algorithm in mobile devices and wearables without the need to send audio to remote servers, ensuring all-day battery life and users privacy

We Listen

We want to make Fonid as useful as possible for everybody. If you have comments, questions or suggestions to improve our app, please send an email to: